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Born in Luxembourg, school time and high school graduation in Cologne. Basic artistic education with

Alfred Darda, Munich. Academic education: photography studies University of Pennsylvania,

study of art education and art history at the LMU Munich, state examination,

Estudio de Arte, Madrid, Masterclass Antonio López,

Real Academia de Bellas Artes, Madrid.

Since 2000 she lives and works in Tutzing

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Ursula von Rheinbaben

I translate these many impressions of colors, shapes, movement, light and shadow into completely new images.

The presentation of the image content can either be representational or abstract.

In the foreground is the creation of a completely new image and not the mapping of something already existing.


Most important to me are the colors, which should shine strong and positive, which is why I make them myself for the most part from pure pigments. It would not occur to me, in terms of color or content, to paint dark, mood-shattering pictures.

Just as music influences the mood, looking at a painting can change the soul.

I would have achieved a lot, if I sometimes managed to break the not always easy everyday life of another positive.


During the work process, my pictures undergo a constant, exciting change.

It would be impossible to plan a picture in advance to the last brushstroke.

I follow a basic idea, but the way outweighs the actual goal.

This also implies that places that seem particularly successful must be destroyed again as part of the painting process.


However, I always notice that this also makes sense when the formerly destroyed one then breaks through the overlying layer of paint, giving it a special treasure and uniqueness.


In the end, no stroke was pointless.


"Ursula von Rheinbaben captures the joy of life of southern countries with a generous, lively and energetic brushstroke. She keeps her pictures in optimistic, happy colors. " (translated)

Southgerman Newspaper


D - 82327 Tutzing

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