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"As the title reveals, light and color are the central elements of Rheinbaben's expressive works, and her paintings reveal a characteristic color canon that the painter constantly follows." - Süddeutsche Zeitung, 24th July 2017



"As a result of the interaction between the color canon on the one hand and the constructive structure on the other hand, their images have a strong tension in them." - Süddeutsche Zeitung, 15 July 2017



"Ursula von Rheinbaben with her intense play of colors brings small and large surfaces with lines and circles to sound and swing."

- Starnberger Merkur, 2 December 2016



Ursula von Rheinbaben captures the joie de vivre of southern countries with a generous, lively brushwork. "

- Süddeutsche Zeitung, July 7, 2016



"Ursula von Rheinbaben, who was celebrated by the'World on Sunday' as a 'light painter' whose message 'has nothing destructive, deceptive, but groundbreaking to life, to the beautiful, does not want to put anything negative into the world with her painting'. Her pictures are bright and radiant, yet her coloring is adorned with something magical and magical (...) "- Starnberger Merkur, June 19, 2015



"She does not shy away from the dissolution of the figurative, but unites the real and the abstract with the help of magical intermediate worlds." - Tutzinger Nachrichten, June 2015

"The strong color effect results from a layered, multi-day application of alternating glazed and pasty layers."

- Starnberger Merkur, March 5, 2015



"Real dream worlds in blue and yellow are opening up one another." Rheinbaben'unstille 'creates still lifes with positive content and messages that magically make the visitor of the exhibition magically eye-contact in the style of classic-masterly modernism "

- Aachener Newspaper, May 31, 2014



"(Yellow) shines through the pavement of the Via Appia, it shines through the facades of the houses on the boulevards, it shines from the shop windows, it glows in the glass ball, it gives the flowers in the vase their strong colors, as well as the pineapple and the `Naranjas` on the table." - Süddeutsche Zeitung, 8/9. June 2013



"With preference, von Rheinbaben switches between top and top view, between perspective lines and large surfaces. (...)

And it literally indulges in explosive color contrasts: here it shines and blooms graphically clear, sometimes lushly round. "

- Münchner Merkur, June 7, 2013



"Joie de vivre and power shine from the paintings, which were created in generous painting style, whose palette sometimes reminds one of the works of a Franz Marc or an August Macke from afar" - mundus magazine 3/13



Masterclass of Antonio López García at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid (January 2008)

















"... works that are among the highlights of the exhibition (...) Ursula von Rheinbaben's 'Kaleidoscope' (...) Rheinbaben has the courage to be free and happy to paint. (...) Develop it unexpectedly magical intermediate levels and backgrounds in which the secret may have its place. " - Süddeutsche Zeitung


"Ursula von Rheinbaben (Tutzing) first takes a strict and objective approach to the composition of the picture, mastering the large pictorial surfaces in a sovereign manner and with enormous depth." The painter seems to create in the depths of her pictures a fabulously mysterious, very personal, intermediate world in which the observer dives may." - Starnberg Merkur

"What she pushed on was the desire for color, which brought light and depth into her pictures. (...) The pictures have a strong tension as a result of the interplay between a characteristic color canon on the one hand and the structural strukutr on the other. "

- Süddeutsche Zeitung



"... extremely strong colored pictures represented a technical challenge for the gallery. (...) Light and color are the central element in the pictures of Ursula von Rheinbaben, strength and zest for life shine from them. ..) Ursula von Rheinbaben is not oriented to fashions, but has found a very authentic form of expression. "- Starnberger Merkur



"` Ursula von Rheinbaben has the courage, the power and the expressiveness to emphasize the good in life and to let it radiate through light and color. "The acrylic paintings are characterized not a restrained delicacy, but the strong contrast."

- Kölnische Rundschau



"As a 'light painter' she has made a name for herself in the art scene. (...) Because there would be no color without light, yellow is the most important color for Ursula von Rheinbaben." - Welt am Sonntag 



"... my God is that beautiful!" Domprobst Bernard Henrichs, Cologne

".. we wanted to bring color to the ... Halle." Branch Manager Dresdner Bank "- Kölner Wochenspiegel



"The images are always built up from the bright golden tones of a 'brilliant yellow', and this color always shines somewhere through the picture ground. (...) Diversity and depth are created by the translucent application of color." - Bonner Rundschau



"The sparkling splendor of a big city boulevard, flashing headlights, the glaring heat of a blast furnace ... all this fascinates and inspires (...) Her pictures can be found in private and corporate collections." Stollwerck boss Hans Imhoff is one of her admirers . "

- Welt am Sonntag



"The artist Ursula von Rheinbaben has succeeded perfectly in achieving this contrast of light and shade, the impression of a city asleep ... (...) Clear, strong colors and sharp separations of light and dark characterize her pictures." - Rheingau Echo



Ursula von Rheinbaben calls her style "expressive realism" (...) `... but I do not want to emulate anyone.`"

- Wiesbadener Tageblatt



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